King Elway

“I can’t say I had it worse, but I can’t say it all was perfect. I just wanna look back one day and say it all was worth it.”

– King Elway






Old school vibes, new school sound” – ATL Music Plug
This is what best describes Griffin, GA native, King Elway. Elway combines timeless, original vibes with modern day vernacular. He prides himself on making music that remains relevant for years to come and gives listeners the same feeling they had when they first fell in love with it. “That flashback type of music” as Elway puts it himself. Elway signifies what it means to be an entrepreneur, as he not only owns his music label and brand, K.R.E.A.M. Team, but also owns and operates a restaurant, Wing It Café, and is a barber in his hometown.
Music has always been an outlet for Elway to express himself, as he took to music to find peace of mind when his father first became ill in 2009. Elway’s entrepreneurial mindset has taught him the patience needed to make it in any industry. “They say it’s all about timing though.”
– Do Not Disturb (Cover) Elway is here to become a permanent fixture in music.

King Elway – So Soulful | Listen here

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King Elway – Free Promo (single) | Listen here

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